Zoomed in photo of a puzzle piece with the Rise for Yemen logo.

Raising Global Citizens

Journey through Yemen with this beautiful 20 piece puzzle. You'll find unique animals, different landscapes, ancient sites and much more! Reflect on similarities and differences while learning about geography, culture, and history.

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Yemen Beyond the Headlines

From Bab al Yemen in Sana'a, to the ancient ruins of the Throne of Belquis in Ma'rib, down to the beautiful coast of Aden... Yemen is more than what we see on the news. We're happy to launch our first product with a puzzle showcasing a map of Yemen. Take a deeper dive with the bonus booklet that explains each icon on the map.

  • Nothing Like It

    World maps generally show large swaths of desert for Yemen. Newsflash - it's not! This map highlights the beauty of Yemen, its geography, agriculture, history and more!

  • Designs from Yemen

    Manal, a talented artist in Sana'a, was contracted to create the design for this puzzle. We look to Yemen first to create work opportunities.

  • Transparency

    If we say we are going to donate all profits to Yemen, we need to prove it. We will share the details of how much profit is made and where it is donated.

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