Frequently Asked Questions

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The nitty gritty


Who are you?

The Rise for Yemen board consists of a team of four women. Esmahan Abdulla, Sara Abdulla, Dr. Ramzeyeh Kaid, & Aneesa Muthana. Collectively, we have backgrounds in Business, IT, Manufacturing, Medicine, Product Development, Humanitarian Work, and Design. You can find us on LinkedIn.

Check out our team page for more information about our team at large.

What is Rise for Yemen?

Rise for Yemen is a 501(c)(3) non-profit established by Yemeni American women to create purpose-driven products, (soon to be announced) and donate profits to projects in Yemen.

We also aim to match skilled volunteers with certain problems in Yemen. This gives volunteers the ability to donate beyond their pockets; with their time and skills.

We have launched multiple successful mentorship projects in Yemen in the past and have a lot in store for the future.

Join our list of volunteers and tell us about yourself - you may have a talent or experience Yemen can use!

Are you hiring?

Not yet. InshaAllah, if we continue to grow, we will look to Yemen first to support the economy there. If you live in Yemen and have skills you think we can use, send us a messge at

How can I help?

Fill out this form to join our list of volunteers. Let us know what your skills are and anything else you'd like to share. We'll reach out to you when we have a project you can help with!

Donations are appreciated as well!