• Cartoon headshot of a woman in hijab but no facial features.

    Amal Yafai

    Junior Graphic and Visual Designer

    Amal graduated with a bachelor’s in Journalism and is currently a freelance graphic designer. She has a passion for illustration and storytelling through her work, and hopes to use art to promote Yemeni culture.

  • Headshot of Aneesa Muthana

    Aneesa Muthana


    A second-generation Yemeni-American, Aneesa brings decades of business leadership experience in the manufacturing industry. She also volunteers on several boards, engages in public speaking events, and has traveled around the world to assist in humanitarian efforts. 

  • Cartoon headshot of a woman in hijab but no facial features.

    Aydeh Kaid


    Aydeh Kaid is a Social Studies teacher that loves to educate and inspire her students to expand their knowledge and experience outside the school walls. 

    When she is not in a classroom, she is managing a franchise. Aydeh brings sales and business management experience to Rise for Yemen.

  • Cartoon drawing of E. Abdulla.

    Esmahan Abdulla

    Executive Director

    Esmahan Abdulla is a former IT executive and PMP with 15 years of experience helping operate and grow start-ups. She paused her career in 2019 to focus on growing her family and pursue passion projects like Rise for Yemen.

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    Fatmah Fadak

    General Admin

    Fatmah Fadak has 15 years of experience as an educator. She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education.

    Since she was a teenager, volunteer work has always been a priority for Fatmah. She has worked with many organizations and not for profits. Along with helping RFY and the Iman Jasim Foundation, she also manages a youth group at the local masjid.

  • Cartoon headshot of a woman in hijab but no facial features.

    Hoda Kaid

    General Admin

    Hoda Kaid has six years of experience as an accountant and is currently working on her CPA. She spent four years in Yemen and attended the Yemen Modern School in Sana'a.  During her time in Yemen, she developed a deep love for Yemen and its people.

    Hoda is looking forward to helping RFY on all of its projects and helping make a difference in Yemen.

  • Headshot of Maiya Yehia

    Maiya Yehia

    Junior Accountant

    Maiya Yehia is an undergraduate student pursing a career in accounting. She looks forward to one day achieving her CPA.

    She’s excited to use her skills to help with all accounting activities while reporting to RFY’s primary accountant. .

  • Headshot of Dr. Ramzyeh Kaid

    Dr. Ramzyeh Kaid

    Board Member & Medical Director

    Dr. Ramzyeh Kaid is a Family Medicine trained physician who completed her residency in 2013.  Since then, Dr. Kaid's main focus of practice has been Acute Care Medicine as a hospitalist and ER physician.

    Dr. Kaid has participated in multiple medical missions around the world and can’t wait to launch one in Yemen!

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    Sara Abdulla

    Secretary & Director of Product

    Sara has six years of experience in the IT industry. Three of which were spent as a Product Manager where she used lean principles and design thinking to produce customer-centric software. She paused her career in 2022 to raise her son but continues her passion for product with Rise for Yemen by creating products that instill pride within the Yemeni diaspora.

  • Cartoon headshot of a woman in hijab but no facial features.

    Yaman Ahmed

    Board Member

    Dr. Yaman Ahmed is a Clinical Study Coordinator with Henry Ford Health System.
    Yemen has remained in her heart and mind since she immigrated in 1990. She’s also an avid reader on all things Yemen, and has travelled back many times and kept close ties with people there. She uses that experience and knowledge to help with organizing projects and communicating with people on the ground.

    She believes the people of Yemen deserve hope and opportunity to thrive in a world full of possibilities.

  • Cartoon headshot of a woman in hijab but no facial features.

    Manal Nasher


    Manal Nasher is a designer with 8 years of experience. Her work adorns walls of businesses, billboards standing above busy streets, and stationary for various international companies. She lives and works in Sana’a, Yemen.

    She freelances with Rise for Yemen on many design projects.