• Nothing Like It

    World maps generally show large swaths of desert for Yemen. Newsflash - it's not! This sustainable gift highlights the beauty of Yemen, its geography, agriculture, history and more fun facts about Yemen!

  • Designs From Yemen

    Manal, a talented artist in Sana'a, was contracted to create the design for this puzzle. We look to Yemen first to create work opportunities.

  • Every Purchase Supports Yemen

    If we say we are going to donate all profits to Yemen, we need to prove it. We will share the details of how much profit is made and where it is donated.

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Medical Mission

Locals Lead the Way

Dr. Ramzyeh Kaid and the team went to Yemen in the Summer of 2023. In collaborate with people on the ground, Rise for Yemen was able to help expand the efforts of an existing medical camp to include Aden, add dental and eye surgeries.

Here are some stats:

331 Dental Cases

131 Eye Surgeries

140+ Medical Cases

You can support projects like this by shopping on our site as 100% of profits of our products go to causes like this.

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Mentorship Projects

Building Relationships that Last

What happens when you match volunteers from all over the world to mentor students in Yemen? Something remarkable! Lasting relationships are forged, opening doors to networks beyond Yemen's borders. Knowledge flows freely, not only from mentor to mentee but also back again!

We raise funds through our products so we can expand our impact by offering grants and stipends and reach our mentoring goals. Shop now to support these innovative projects!

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At Rise for Yemen, sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

From funding permaculture projects in Taiz to purchasing generators for clinics in Aden, we're committed to making a lasting impact. We prioritize local sourcing in Yemen, support local talent through our graphic design partnerships, and have many more sustainable projects - and products - in the pipeline.

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