Welcome to Rise For Yemen

We've heard it before...

'Yemen is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world'

The title that no one wants, Yemen has. The situation is dire. We’ve seen the pictures, we’ve heard the stories and our hearts break. Especially for those of us whose parents have immigrated from Yemen. Most of us have been on those unforgettable culture-shocking summer trips to Yemen. We’ve forged some of our fondest memories there.

Seeing the country we visited (some of us pretty often) fall into shambles is heart wrenching.

The hope in launching this site is to close the gap between skills and support we (everyone) can offer and what our brothers and sisters in Yemen need. Our hope is that this site can potentially help in a few ways:

  1. Connect volunteers with projects helping Yemen.

  2. Provide information about existing organizations and programs that you’d like to learn more about and support (donate/volunteer/etc).

  3. Encourage you to start your own initiative or organization.

  4. Provide organizations with a tool to learn about other teams working in Yemen.

  5. Collect your feedback and put it to good use.

In the meantime, we intend to keep the site as updated as we can and reach out to each organization to collect more information that will be valuable to you - the supporters of Yemen.

Most importantly, since we know that success will only come with Allah’s help, we hope you take a moment and make duaa (say a prayer) for the people of Yemen and beyond, and those helping them.

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