5 Fun Yemen Geography Activities

Make geography exciting by including these games to help learn about Yemen geography. The Treasures of Yemen Puzzle is a Yemen map educational puzzle that offers an immersive experience into Yemen's rich heritage. Here are five fun activity ideas that will deepen your connection to Yemen's geography, culture, and history.

1. Yemen Landmark Recreation

Challenge yourself or students to recreate Yemen's iconic landmarks using materials like Legos or drawing tools. You can reference landmarks from the Yemen map and booklet or search online for more. There’s Bab Al-Yemen, Shaharah Bridge, Shibam and many others to choose from. Get creative and see who can build the most accurate representation or create unique variations of these remarkable Yemeni landmarks. 

2. Yemeni Governorate 20 Questions

Engage in a fun and educational guessing game by selecting a Yemeni governorate. Have participants ask up to 20 yes-or-no questions to determine which governorate has been chosen. This activity encourages learning about Yemen's geography, landmarks, and cultural significance, all while fostering critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills.

3. Alphabet Game - Yemen Edition

Challenge your knowledge of Yemeni geography with the Alphabet Game. Start with a Yemeni governorate or city name, and the next participant must name a governorate or city that begins with the last letter of the previous response. For instance, if the first participant says "Ibb," the next participant could respond with "Bayda." You can do this with the Yemen map visible to make it easy at first or put it away to make it more difficult. To keep the game going, have students spend time exploring the diverse Yemeni locations within Yemen through other reference materials as well.

4. Yemeni Governorate Trivia - 2 Truths and a Lie

Encourage participants to delve into the booklet accompanying the Treasures of Yemen Puzzle and research about Yemeni governorates. Have them come up with two true statements and one false statement about a specific governorate. Take turns sharing these statements, and challenge others to identify the lie. This activity promotes knowledge sharing, research skills, and critical thinking.

5. Puzzle Race

Turn puzzle-solving into a thrilling competition. Set up a race to see who can complete the Treasures of Yemen Puzzle the fastest. Gather students and set a timer. Make it more challenging by adding a rule that each participant must share a fascinating fact about Yemen's history or culture before placing a puzzle piece. This activity combines teamwork, problem-solving, and learning in an exciting and interactive way.


By incorporating these activities into your experience with the Treasures of Yemen Puzzle, you can delve deeper into Yemeni geography, Yemeni culture, and Yemeni history. From building landmarks to challenging your knowledge with trivia games, these activities will foster curiosity, teamwork, and a greater appreciation for Yemen's treasures. Enjoy the journey of discovery as you engage with the educational Yemen puzzle and explore the wonders of Yemen.

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